Limited Edition Marzanna Scarf
Limited Edition Marzanna Scarf

Limited Edition Marzanna Scarf

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Hand dyed and screen printed on large vintage habotai silk, hand rolled scarves.

The scarf is printed in a limited edition of 9 with no two colourways printed exactly the same, guaranteeing you a unique piece. 

The print is a celebration of the start of spring; plants and sun returning, and festivities associated with the end of winter - straw decorations and painted eggs.

The name Marzanna relates to a Slavic tradition where a Marzanna effigy made of straw, eggs and fabric is drowned or burned to represent the death of winter. 

Navy / Pale Silver / Pale Yellow

Approx. size 90x90cm.

A very soft silk scarf that can be worn around the neck or head. The print would look equally impressive on the wall.

Hand wash cold.

The vintage silk is very delicate.

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