Ceremony Flag
Ceremony Flag
Ceremony Flag

Ceremony Flag

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One of 10 large-scale silk flags produced for an exhibition in 2016. 

The imagery stems from my interest in the narrative possibilities of textiles and the use of common motifs and symbols across a range of cultures and movements. Taking some of these common motifs as well as invented ones, imagery was arranged instinctively to create unintended possible new narratives for the viewer to interpret as they wished.

Each flag has been hand-screen printed onto silk and hand finished with tassels, fringing and edging familiar with types of flags and banners. The added embellishments mark a new direction in my practice alongside my usual screen-printing methods.

All the embellishments are silk and have been hand-dyed to create unique colour combinations. The flags have been hand finished so can be worn as scarves/shawls if wanted but they are intended to be displayed on the wall. 

Approx. 100x100cm

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a studio visit to look at any of the flags.